Welcome to the Emerald City!

Ozma is the princess and the rightful ruler of Oz, a fictional storyworld created by L. Frank Baum. As a child Ozma got transformed into a boy called Tipp by a wicked witch. Ozma is also a fantastic album by american rock band The Melvins, a psychic metaphysician from Arizona, a space science project, and a superboss in Final Fantasy IX – and last, bot not least, a game company from Sweden.

Ozma develops beautiful, playful and creative games and apps for tablets.
We believe that play is the foundation of creativity and self expression, and that playing games can be a truly social and meaningful experience. Everyone has the right to play!

Ozma was founded in 2006 by Karin Ryding and Bobbi A. Sand. Since the start we’ve been working with a wide variety of projects, ranging from board games to outdoor mobile games. Right now we’re working on our poetic word game called Words of Oz. The beta version is online now!

Latest awards and achievements

- WeProject chosen as one of 20 innovations to be exhibited at Innovative Sweden, Stanford University, Silicon Valley, November 2-11 2011
- Picnic Festival 2011, Ozma chosen to participate in ECB Trade Network and to exhibit Urblove at the Marketplace
- Granny’s Dancing on the Table: ARTE Power to the Pixel Pitch Prize, 2010
- Granny’s Dancing on the Table: MEDEA Prize for best Co-Production 2010
- Crowdconvention 2011 session: How crowdsourcing games and stories can become part of a democratic process

- Nordic Game Program grant 2013: For our game Patchwork of Oz

Bobbi and Karin


Princess Ozma image credits: John R. Neill and Playing with brushes