A Heartfelt Farewell from a Princess/Monster
A Heartfelt Farewell from a Princess/Monster
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Ozma is the princess and the rightful ruler of the land of Oz, a fictional storyworld created by L. Frank Baum. As a child Ozma got transformed into a boy called Tipp by a wicked witch. Ozma is also a fantastic album by american rock band The Melvins, a psychic metaphysician from Arizona, a space science project, and a superboss in Final Fantasy IX – and last, but not least, a game company from Sweden.

This has been the text for the about-page at our website and blog for almost all of Ozma’s lifetime, and it still speaks to us – as a symbol of the eclectic ways the company has taken during the years. We have learned so many things from running Ozma – but we have also realized it’s time to say goodbye.

We came into the games industry with absolutely no limitations to our imagination of what games were and could be, using play and playfulness as our guide, saying yes to both the possible and (almost) impossible. The projects we’ve done have gotten us into activities such as creating collectible cake games, having high school kids looking for a missing person in the city using their mobile phones, having old people telling stories about their hometown and making them into a game, seeing one of our concepts tour the world at an innovation exhibition, and creating a social poetry game inspired by fridge magnets – among many, many other things.


Happy cakes rule the world?

Now, we will take all of the things we’ve learned with us, as we go on to make more games! The two of us will no longer work together as Ozma, but we will continue working in the games industry in different ways. Bobbi is starting up a new studio, Transcenders Media, developing a visual novel called Knife Sisters, and Karin is doing her PhD at the IT University in Copenhagen.

During the years with Ozma we have met tons of cool and inspiring people: some we worked with or shared office space with, others we met at conferences, game jams, labs and hackathons, or at any other of the uncountable contexts we’ve been in, thanks to Ozma.
We’d like to thank all of you for the fun moments, the support, knowledge and friendships we’ve gotten!

Let’s keep in touch <3

Bobbi & Karin

Press release på svenskaPress release in English

Ozma in 2007

This image was the reward for solving the christmas card riddle sent out to friends and acquaintances in 2007. One person solved all the puzzles and got to the end. So, to all of the others who got that card: here’s what you missed out on!










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