Panel Discussion: Using Feminist Strategies when Writing for Games
Panel Discussion: Using Feminist Strategies when Writing for Games
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Welcome to a panel discussion about telling personal stories throung digital games, with a special focus on using feminist strategies when writing. What challenges arise through the choice of medium? How can you use it to tell stories about female experiences?

Where: Boost HBG, Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg

When: The 29th of March at 18.00. The event will last 1 – 1.5 hours.

The discussion is initiated by Ozma Games in co-operation with Boost HBG.

The guests are:

  • Mimi Fürst, 2D Animator, Illustrator and Game Designer
  • Ann Kristine Eriksen, Larp Writer and Game Designer
  • Bobbi Augustine Sand, Game Designer and Author

Moderating the discussion is Karin Ryding, Lecturer in Media, Aesthetics and Storytelling and Game Designer in Ozma.

The discussion is in English, and will take place at Boost HBG, Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg.
The event is part of the project “The Silent Town”, run with support from Region Skåne. As part of the project Ozma Games is working on the script for an adventure game, focusing on themes of exclusion, social inheritance and norm challenging love. Follow the project here:

The panel

Mimi Fürst

Mimi Fürst is a 2D-animator and illustrator from Stockholm. She has a bachelor in animated film from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. Currently she is working with ”Smelly Memories”, a game about 115 year old Lena who lives in Hässelby, a Stockholm suburb. The game intertwines Hässelbys history with Lena’s life from the early 1900s to today. As animation technique stop motion with puppets is primarily used.

Ann Kristine Eriksen

Ann Kristine Eriksen is a Copenhagen based larp writer and game designer. She has a degree in art history and feminist theory from University of Copenhagen and is just about to write her master’s thesis. She also works at Ordrupgaard art museum, north of Copenhagen. Ann has been involved in the Danish and Nordic larp community since 2003 and she has been an active game designer for the last four years. Her debut game We Were Wasps is published in the scenario anthology War Birds – a collection of scenarios by women writing about women during the WWII. The game is about female pilots. Ann considers herself sort of a feminist literary archaeologist – excavating the forgotten and omitted stories of women, one at a time.

Bobbi Augustine Sand

Bobbi Augustine Sand is an Author and Game Designer from Malmö, Sweden. She’s been working with games in Ozma since 2006. She also writes fiction novels on subjects such as identity, relationships, subcultures and sexuality. She’s currently working on the story based game Knife Sisters, themed around love, peer pressure, occultism, and BDSM.




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