Seminar: Living Memories (Levande Minnen) the 23 sept 2014
Seminar: Living Memories (Levande Minnen) the 23 sept 2014
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The Nordic Folklore Archives gather stories from people’s lives in the Nordic countries. A major challenge that the archives face today is how to make the archives more accessible and renew the methods so that a bigger and more geographically and socially diverse group of contributors could bring in their stories. Another challenge is how to make the rich material in the archives available to the public in a more attractive way.

The Living Memory (Levande Minnen) project is a collaboration between three Nordic Folklore Archives in Sweden, Norway and Denmark together with the game company Ozma in Malmö, and researchers from the Living Archives project at Malmö University and the Institution of Cultural Sciences at Lund University.

The aim is to develop a new method and a creative tool that can be used to collect memories and stories from the public as well as disseminate the archive material using social media. Inspiration is taken from scapbooking, remixing and gamification.

This seminar takes place at MEDEA (Map), and we invite everyone that are interested in the Living Memories project. To register contact:

The project is supported by Kultur Skåne.



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