Granny’s dancing on the table
Granny’s dancing on the table
What does a girl who grows up alone in the woods have to do with an earthquake that happened one hundred years ago in Messina? Does she have anything to do with you and me? What if she is connected to all of us in a way we could not even imagine? What if we are all related to her and thereby to each other?

Granny’s Dancing on the Table is a transmedia universe consisting of a feature film, an online game, mini games on Facebook and smart phones, and live events. The interactivity centers around audience participation, involving the players in the film making process as well as in the Granny universe. It’s about the search for identity and about how choices, relationships and actions affect our collective future.

The feature film Granny’s Dancing on the Table is a dark coming of age fairy tale about Eini, a young girl who’s been kept isolated in the woods by her father. Seventeen years old, Eini escapes and enters society, completely unaware of its social codes. But Eini has a special gift, a supernatural sensitivity, that makes her able to predict an earthquake – something that will help her on her journey towards a stronger self.

Photographer Emma Blomberg

Hanna Sköld is the film director and script writer behind Granny’s dancing on the table. Ozmas part of the project is to design and lead the development of the games. We do this in cooperation with Tangram Film, Good World, Kore och MEDEA (Malmö University). Together we won the Power to the pixel pitch award in 2010.

Get more information here:

Granny’s dancing on Facebook

Granny on Twitter


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