Urblove – Trying out the skate games
Urblove – Trying out the skate games
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14 May

So finally it was time to try out the skate games that Tösabidarna had previously put together. We had three games: “Lost Keys”, “The Pink Creature” and “Skate or Die!”. Together with Andrea Andersson Antunes, the project leader for Tösabidarna, we had decided to play the games during a skate event that Tösabidarna arranged called “Tösabidarna Weekend”.

Flyer made by Tösabidarna

We had six teams playing, so two teams per game. They started out on Värnhemstorget in Malmö. The weather wasn’t great but at least it wasn’t raining! We had feared the worst since it had been raining constantly the last couple of days. Where was the spring when you needed it??

We sat in a café close by to Värnhemstorget and we were able to start the teams from there. SVT was suppose to film everything but unfortunately they got thrown out from the café, because we were not allowed to film in there! No worries though, they were able to film the teams as they set out on their journeys. Bobbi, Andrea and I bought a huge amount of cookies in the café (to make up for us making a mess!) and headed off to Bryggeriet, where all the games would end up. From there we could follow the teams movement through my computer.

The first team showed up after little more than one hour. And then one by one the teams started to show up all sweaty and tired. We were impressed how hard they worked at doing the game as fast as possible. They really made an effort! Only one team decided to quit and go home instead. They said they were too cold…

When all the teams were back (after 2 hours) we all had cookies and coffee together. The girls showed each other the picures they had taken during the game. One of the teams playing the game “The Pink Creature” where amazed that on the final game location, a man in pink had suddenly showed up! Games set in the real world are great in this way. Unexpected things keep happening!

We could select a winner in each game based on their score and time. The skate brand Sweet had sponsored the event with some great prizes. Luckily there was enough things for everyone to get something. The girls seemed very pleased with the whole thing. They had a really good time. We asked them if they would like to play more games like these and they said they surely would.

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