Urblove Workshop – Creating skate games
Urblove Workshop – Creating skate games

25 April

The second workshops for creating new game routes, was held in Bryggeriet – one of the skate meccas of Malmö. This time around it was the girl skate group Tösabidarna who where the “guinea pigs” of the 3 hour workshop. Their task was to make games for a skate event held in Malmö the 14th of May and to which girl skaters from all of Sweden have been invited. They had been instructed two weeks before the workshop to start collecting cool places in Malmö that could be made part of a game. Lucky for us they had all done their homework well. They had documented several locations in their black location books.

They divided into three groups with two or three girls in each group. They started out choosing which locations to use in their game. Isabella – the assistant to Karin Book – was there to ask them what these places meant to them. Not very surprisingly it turned out to be the best skate spots around in the area!

Ozma provided the groups with handy forms to fill in for each part of the SMS flow. We also wanted them to reflect on a lead character for the game – the person who would be speaking to the player through out the game. This was a new component that we wanted to try out to see if it would increase the amount of storytelling in the games.

Three hours went by very fast. In the end the groups where a bit stressed to finish there games. But all three groups where able to produce a game of their own. One of the groups chose to go outside of the form and use envelops with secret tasks to be open at each location. Interesting! All games included skating. One game was about a pair of lost keys and another game was about a pink, fluffy creature…

On Friday the 14th May these games will be played at the skate event Tösabidarnas Weekend. If everything goes well Swedish television will be there to film for a culture program called Sverige!.


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