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People today love to travel, to play and to create excitement in everyday life. They see the Internet and mobile phones as obvious social tools. There is a strong culture to share experiences and to use these tools in creative new ways. People are constantly on the look out for new forms of activities that can satisfy their need for everyday adventures. There is also a demand for the possibility to influence and be the co-creator of these activities. This desire is the foundation of Urblove.


What is Urblove?

Urblove is a tool for making story and location based games in the city. Games are crowdsourced for customers such as cities, schools, brands and events – and made, shared and played, just for the fun of it!

Urblove is used as a means to communicate about spots and locations in a city. By letting citizens create games; choosing locations and telling stories, information and data about the city can be retrieved in a new way. The games can then be played by citizens and visitors.

Urblove is developed by Ozma and WIP – Wireless Independent Provider.

Malmöfestivalen 2011

During Malmöfestivalen, Malmö’s annual city festival, a group of six people from 12 to 18 years created a game to be played during the festival. The concept was about a girl who lost her boyfriend, and the player followed her to look for him at the festival site. This project was done in collaboration with the youth organization RGRA. The event was also the first time we tried the iPhone and web apps for Urblove!

The research project

During 2010 the project received grants from both MEDEA (Malmö University) and Vinnova. Three researches were part of the project: Per-Anders Hillgren and Per Linde are both Interaction Designers working with user collaboration, and Karin Book is a cultural geographer and researcher within Leisure Studies.

In the project we worked with the two youth organizations RGRA and Tösabidarna in Malmö. RGRA is an initiative and a movement that wants to engage young people in global and national issues, human rights, questions about identity, etc. Tösabidarna is a group for supporting female skaters. The kids from RGRA/Lilla Växthuset made street games in Hermodsdal, which were then played by the skater girls and other kids from Hermodsdal. The skater girls made games for a skating event, and skaters from other parts of Sweden played their games.
We also did an exchange between school classes from two schools in Malmö, Rörsjöskolan and Rosengårdsskolan (8th and 9th graders), that made games for each other as part of class.

In March 2011 the results from the research project was presented at a seminar at MEDEA.


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