Tänk om! (Think differently)
Tänk om! (Think differently)
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In 2007 Ozma completed a project in collaboration with the Swedish sustainable communication agency Damanco. Ozma was awarded with the commission to create a game concept to inspire staff at hospitals in the south of Sweden to lower their energy consumption.

The focus was on real life activities in the work environment. Hospital staff could score points by registering activities such as shutting down computers, turning off lights and so forth, on the web. The wards at the hospitals competed against each other in teams, and after six months the winning team got rewarded. Not only did these people get positive attention, the energy consumption at the participating hospitals was lowered by 10-15 %.

The project is still running (now as Tänk NU! – vidare) and has been launched in four hospitals.
More info at www.weproject.se


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