Follow up meeting with workshop participants
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The 16 of March

After the first two Urblove workshops we had a follow up meeting with Awal and Kristian, two of the participants from RGRA. We talked together about what they thought about making there own games and what it was like to let others play them.

It turns out that both Awal and Kristian felt very enthusiastic about making more games. What they especially long for is to make a game that spans over a larger distance. They didn’t seem particularly keen on the idea of making more games that only take place in Hermodsdal (quite a small suburb). They talked about Möllevången, Sofielund and Rosengård. In the end they decided that the best idea would be to make a game that starts in Augustenborg and ends up in Hermodsdal. The dream would be to make a game as part of an event, where players would end up joining a concert. Maybe you had see the concert and talk to the musicians in order to get the next clue in the game! They got all excited about this idea.

Per Linde, who is one of the researches of the project from Malmö University, had an idea that they could make a game based on some music lyrics since they both write there own songs. The young men thought about this for a while. They seemed to think it was a cool idea but a bit difficult maybe. They were very clear about that they wanted more people to play their games; grown up people, students, people from other places, girls. They were also looking forward to playing the games that will come out of the next workshop with the girl skate group “Tösabidarna”.


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