Spelet om energin – The Energy Game
Spelet om energin – The Energy Game

On the 26th of November the opening ceremony of the exhibition Spelet om energin (The Energy Game) took place at Tekniska Muséet (The National Museum of Science and Technology) in Stockholm. Ozma Speldesign together with the interaction design company Do-Fi developed ten games/apps, ranging from quizes to barcode reader games and choice making games.

Framtidslabbet (The Future Lab) where players make choices in differently themed games, for example Consumption, Food and Waste.

The quest for the players is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide discharge, in the shape of carbon dioxide balls, from 10 to 2. The choices made by the players are saved and at the end of the exhibition the results are shown. School classes can play together and see their result as well as that of all visitors together.

Petter Karlsson makes some food choices

Scan seven groceries for the most climate friendly shopping bag

The screens show a future landscape based on the choices made by the players

Karin plays the Max hamburger game (Max Hamburger Restaurants is one of the sponsors for the exhibition)

The exhibition will stay at the museum for three years.

About the exhibition in Ny Teknik (swedish)

A radio commentary (swedish)


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